Whispertown 2000 @ Nachbar

Saturday, March 28

969 Charles St.
Free; 9 p.m.

The SoCal foursome Whispertown 2000 has a style that sidles up and laughs in the face of the musical credo on Nachbar’s MySpace page: “No Ball-less Pop-Country.” Singer-guitarist Morgan Nagler, who’s been mentored by Jenny Lewis and Gillian Welch, makes sure her band regularly undermines its own potential (or is it a potential trap?) for clean, mature folk-Americana. What Whispertown 2000 delivers is so much better than if they’d played it totally straight. Especially refreshing are the lyrics and vocal arrangements that scrape and twist the strong melodies of last year’s Swim. The arrangements also lend some of the partly cloudy Omaha sound to the tweaked California sunniness. There’s no way this band’s appearance should be a freebie, but it is — so go buy your next beer at Nachbar. —T.E. Lyons

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