“KY Jelly” @ Swanson Reed

"Microscopic Self Portrait" by Mary Yates

"Microscopic Self Portrait" by Mary Yates

Through May 9

Swanson Reed Contemporary
638 E. Market St.

Is it “the personal is political” or “the political is personal”? Either way, the 15 artists in this group show have the answers. Expect an unexpected approach from artists like Thomas deLisle, Thaniel Ion Lee and Gwendolyn Kelly.

Mary Yates is both scientific and philosophical in her approach. “As a child I remember watching Carl Sagan on PBS take all the elemental ingredients of life and put them together in a big slurry of potential,” she says. “The result was not life, but a sticky mess of iron, protein, carbon and other key elements. It was the first time I remember thinking, ‘What are we?’”

Swanson Reed Contemporary will be open during the May 1 First Friday Trolley Hop. Since this also happens to be Oaks Day, some of the galleries and museums will be closed. Check www.firstfridaytrolleyhop.com. —Jo Anne Triplett  

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