Inspected by #35 @ U of L Thrust Theater

Thursday, July 30

‘Inspected by #35’
U of L Thrust Theatre
2314 S. Floyd St. • 614-7062
$15; 7 p.m.

Louisville native Joe Crosser used humor and humility to tell his story of living with cancer in the play “Inspected by #35.”

Crosser was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a 19-year-old college student. He wrote the play to convey his inner struggle as life went on around him. The play was first performed in 2004. Kim and Ben Mays lead this year’s production. Friends for Hope is a nonprofit organization created to support adult cancer survivors, family members and caregivers.

“For all of us living with cancer, ‘Inspected by #35’ is truly an inspiration,” says Carol Hudson, a Friends for Hope board member. “Experiencing Joe’s courage in coming to terms with his life and his faith is very powerful.” —Farrah Johnson

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