‘KY Landscape Paintings’ @ B. Deemer Gallery

Through Sept. 29

B. Deemer Gallery
2650 Frankfort Ave.

Prepare to be dazzled by color, part 2.

“Color is my inspiration,” says artist Pam Folsom. “Using strokes created by brush or knife to lay down thick and thin paint and then scrape down the surface, creating relationships between sky and trees, fields and fences, lights and darks and then applying more paint, more color until the painting is brilliant … This technique creates brilliant, vibrant colors that mix at the edges.”

If color is No. 1 with Folsom, texture has to be No. 2. She is all about moving the paint around to give it visible brush or knife strokes that swirl us around the composition. The combination results in a sensuous visual experience in this exhibition of new paintings. —Jo Anne Triplett   

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