Great Lake Swimmers @ Waterfront Park

Wednesday, Aug. 26

Harbor Lawn at Waterfront Park
Free; 5 p.m. (weather permitting)

Is this the age of affected folk? Not that it all turned as fast as you can say bon iver, but acoustic guitars and humble pianos now are given lots of atmospheric treatment. Add some silent dropouts, plus cryptic background vocals (you can’t really call it “harmony singing”), and even the most introspective singer is fabricating tapestries of quirkily enchanting intimacy. But the fantastical mists collapse if you can’t sustain sure melodies and display a true entertainer’s spirit — two gifts that Tony Dekker brings to the Waterfront Wednesday show at Harbor Lawn. Dekker’s band, Toronto-based Great Lake Swimmers, have just released their fourth album, Lost Channels. The quintet are ahead of their peers as they empathetically flex the ebbs and flows of the songs’ moods, resulting in a live experience that simultaneously reinforces and brings contrast to the studio versions. Cracker and Will Hoge are also on the bill. —T.E. Lyons

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