Patrick Donley & Kenneth Hayden @ Zephyr Gallery

"Crow" by Kenneth Hayden

"Crow" by Kenneth Hayden

Through Sept. 26

Zephyr Gallery
610 E. Market St.

Prepare to be dazzled by color.

Patrick Donley, perhaps best known for his sculptures, has returned to painting. “My work is first and foremost about color,” he says. “Surface and form follow closely behind. These works begin as improvisations, working directly on the canvas with no sketch or plan. The ‘Floating or Falling’ series is not intended to have any relevance to this world, though I think in a surreal way it does.”

Kenneth Hayden is into color too, but in a representational way. His new paintings feature the birds of Kentucky, mostly crows, with some cardinals thrown in for good measure. —Jo Anne Triplett

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