Ohorella @ Rooftop at Glassworks

Friday, Aug. 28

Rooftop at Glassworks
815 W. Market St.
$5; 8 p.m.

Here we have a young Louisville band with potential. Ohorella, a three-piece that sound about their size, make reggae-infused pop with a hit of carnival and just enough late-era Police to keep you curious. Their tunes are jangly and weird, and for every moment you feel like the band might lose the beat and the song fall to pieces, they recover and make you regret the doubting. I hear some mid-career Ramones in here, too; Torey Meagher’s impressive guitar work and a steady-as-she-goes rhythm section help sour the saccharine of an oversimplified love song. Worth checking out. —Stephen George

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