‘Importance of Being Earnest’ @ YPAS

Sept. 25-26, Oct. 2-3

Youth Performing Arts School
1517 S. Second St.
$8-$9; 7:30 p.m.

Algernon comes in from the other room and asks his butler Lane if he heard him playing the piano. “I didn’t think it polite to listen, sir,” answers Lane. Well, if you have a butler that good, you might as well go off to the country and call yourself Ernest, as your friend Jack calls himself Ernest when he comes into the city. What could go wrong? Even if Jack proposes to Gwendolyn in the city, as Ernest, and Algernon becomes engaged to Celicy in the country, as Ernest, as well. Such entanglements and their ensuing escapes are all a part of life among the Victorian set in Oscar Wilde’s  “The Importance of Being Earnest,” presented this weekend and next by the Youth Performing Arts School. Send Lane around for tickets. —Bill Doolittle

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