3 Inches of Blood @ Expo Five

Wednesday, Sept 30

Expo Five
2900 S. Seventh St.
$23; 7 p.m.

Half the fun with metal bands lies in following their tangled sagas — whether they involve drummers incurring physical harm. For Vancouver’s 3 Inches of Blood, the dramatic legacy includes the replacement of all original members before they’d made their fourth disc; a screamer who shred his vocal cords to where they were beyond medical help; and, yes, a drummer who got into a backstage fight (with another drummer) that landed him in the hospital and out of the band. Musically, 3 Inches of Blood have been an unflagging and solid beacon for a mix of ’80s and ’90s metal styles. Their devotion to fantasy lyrics would do Ronnie James Dio proud. “Battles and Brotherhood,” off new release Here Waits Thy Doom, shows that the new pairing for vocal trade-offs works just fine off of the quick-lashing twinned guitar lines. And to think that this is only one of the acts in a very full lineup, headed by In Flames, that’s coming to Expo Five. —T.E. Lyons

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