‘Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ @ Floyd Theater

Friday, Oct. 30

Floyd Theater
2100 S. Floyd St.
Free; 9 p.m. & midnight

Remember back in the 1980s when TBS was colorizing every decent black-and-white film ever made? That was actually, well, not good. But here’s a positive twist on how to enhance a classic film: On Friday, in U of L’s Floyd Theater, the silent film “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” will be screened with a live score. This German psychological thriller will be accompanied by local improv musical group Ut Gret, along with guests Norman Minogue on Theremin, Danny Whelan on electronics and percussion, and Bob Douglas providing operatic vocals. “Caligari,” which celebrates its 90th birthday this year, is considered by many to be the first psychological thriller film, the first film to use a trick ending, and the first film to include a zombie. (Sorry, but Woody Harrelson is not in this flick.) And for the first time, it will have a score to help enhance the storytelling. You’ll have two chances to catch the performance — 9 p.m. and midnight — and there’s no charge to get in. Try that at your local “haunted house” attraction. —Kevin Gibson

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