Halloween Blacklight Show @ Spot5 Gallery

Oct. 30-Nov. 14

Spot5 Gallery
2044 Frankfort Ave.

Think of what holding a flashlight under your chin in the dark did for ghost stories as a kid, then think of an alternate negative alien universe …” says Spot5 Gallery owner Laurie Blayney when trying to describe their latest exhibit, which pairs decorated Styrofoam mannequin heads with a blacklight. “The blacklight offers distortion of color and shape and feels otherworldly. White becomes the darkest surface, and bright blues turn eerie.”

The exhibit will feature a dozen or more heads hung, staked or mounted throughout the space. Some of the titles so far: “Melon Headious,” “Kathy Baits” and “Crime Story.” Some of the artists will be lurking about at Friday’s opening reception (5-11 p.m.), and there’ll be hot dogs and soft drinks in a tent outside. —Sara Havens

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