‘Vectorland’ @ Ultra Pop

Friday, Nov. 27

Ultra Pop
1414 Bardstown Road
Free; 6-8 p.m.

White, blocky fleur-de-lis being busted apart by the spaceships from Asteroids. What does this mean to you? Well actually, you probably shouldn’t put much thought into it (could come off as a bizarre terroristic threat), because it just looks damn cool. This is the kind of unique design that comes out of Bill Green’s head. This show at Ultra Pop focuses on his Vector illustration work. Vector graphics are a kind of computer design technique that favors extreme smoothness and uses a mathematical formula instead of pixels to draw. Green used this style before with his work on the Lebowski Fest posters, but he has taken a new approach with the prints on display for this show — twisted peanut-shaped yin-yang figures holding and eating their own brains, and bearded gun-wielding drunkards are only a few things you will have to take your mind off the consumer-zombie frenzy on Black Friday. The show continues through Dec. 4. —Pawl Schwartz

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