The Loto Ball Show @ Skull Alley

Tuesday, Dec. 29

Skull Alley
1017 E. Broadway
$5; 7:30 p.m.

The Loto Ball Show is not one single band or anything that can be summed up by a band name. They need a unique symbol like Prince to get their sound and spirit across. I picture a pit bull standing on two legs with a receding hairline, a tuxedo and four arms: two for guitar, one for trumpet, and one beating the hell out of a synthesizer. This is as close as you can get, visually, to Loto Ball’s sound — distorted electronic and passionate with swinging big-band brass and the occasional blast beat. The “show” part isn’t just a clever facet of their band name. This is a performance complete with Aerialist Elena Brocade and industrial folker Grace Kulp, along with the Loto Ball Stupid Dans Gang. This entire event was brought together with a Katamari-style eclecticism thanks to Mucca Pazza member and lead vocalist Loto Ball’s trans-genre talents in the visual art and puppeteering arena, as well as his confident yet bizarre tastes. —Pawl Schwartz

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