Weekender: Jan. 30-31

•Anime Con 6.5

Saturday, Jan. 30

Louisville Free Public Library
301 York St.
Free; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

We’ve all encountered it at some point in our lives. Hell, if you’re my age (21), then it’s an essential stage in development. Whether it was waiting for “DBZ GT” to begin after watching the entire Z series over and over, or late night on Adult Swim watching “Cowboy Bebop,” Manga and anime have only gotten bigger here in the states. Now, this stage of development is not just a personal generalization but also a real-world phenomenon. Kids from 7-19 are reading incredible amounts of Manga (believe me, I work at Borders), and the library wants to make sure they continue to do so while introducing them to a more omnivorous selection of reading. This celebration of Japanese culture and literature features a costume contest, a martial arts presentation and a yu-gi-oh card game tournament. Last year, more than 500 attended, so be sure to get there early. —Pawl Schwartz

•‘Living Lightly’

Saturday, Jan. 30

The Foxhollow Farm Center
8905 Hwy. 329, Crestwood, Ky.
Free; 7-11 p.m.

Conventional weed whacking just doesn’t cut it for Canada’s Vido family. This lyrical, 24-minute doc observes these throwbacks as they engage in scything, an ancient method of haymaking used prior to horse-drawn reapers. Beyond its self-evident asceticism, “Living Lightly” offers fluid-movement studies and rich, New Brunswick landscapes that are shot on actual filmstock. The sound design and original score bring the film a meditative, gentle tempo. Director Robin Burke will conduct a Q&A following the screening, which is hosted by Slow Food Bluegrass, the local bureau of Slow Food International. The organization promotes cleaner environments and — as the name may suggest — a local, non-corporate, slower-paced pursuit of nourishment. Light, regular-speed refreshments will be available at this event. —J. Christian Walsh

Airborne Toxic Event & Calexico

Saturday, Jan. 30

Kentucky Center
501 W. Main St. • 584-7777
$25 and up; 8 p.m.

The Louisville Orchestra accompanies two fabulous bands Saturday night. Calexico is sure to blend with their assistance, given its veteran cinematic disposition and varied output. And relative newcomers The Airborne Toxic Event? Not to worry. After making a splash at Walt Disney Concert Hall, it isn’t too surprising that an adventurous orchestra called on this band, who nimbly update the danceable poetic desolation originally found among ’80s faves like The Cure. Singer Mikel Jollett tells LEO, “We just got off the road from a year and a half of touring. It took a long time — deciding to do this.” With composer Douglas Pipes, they now have a score to include the band’s temporary addition of 63 “new members” for material that anticipates their next disc. The highly literate Jollett (see McSweeney’s Quarterly for some of his prose) is particularly high on the epistolary “Letter to Georgia.” —T.E. Lyons


Sunday Jan. 31

Headliners Music Hall
1386 Lexington Road • 584-8088
$10; 7 p.m.

TiVo that “Big Love” episode: Many of Louisville’s most exciting bands throw down Sunday. Wax Fang, Lucky Pineapple, D.W. Box, Second Story Man and Ultra Pulverize perform at Phantasmagorical, the latest in a string of benefit shows for musician/filmmaker/artist Jason Noble. “(Jason’s) really adamant and vocal about having it not be a focus on him — that this should really focus on the music,” says D.W. Box, aka Diane Williams, who helped organize the show. Customers can order tickets to both Airborne Toxic/Calexico and Phantasmagorical by calling 587-8681 and using the promo code word “noble” until Jan. 29. Tickets are $10. “We figured out a way that this could be mutually beneficial to both shows, and exposing the orchestra to a broader audience by bundling a ticket,” says Williams, who is considering making the event an annual benefit for different organizations. —Brent Owen

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