‘Whiskey Days’ @ The Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, April 29

The Rudyard Kipling
422 W. Oak St. • 636-1311
Free; 7 p.m.

Whiskey inspires people to do many things, and writing poetry is one of them. Singing karaoke, peeing in public and hitting on bartenders are others, but we’ll leave those for another time. Kentuckian Tommy Gaffney is returning home Thursday for a reading and signing of “Whiskey Days,” a collection of poetry. Gaffney now resides in Portland, Ore., and “Whiskey Days” is a follow-up to his first release, “Three Beers from Oblivion.” The poems bridge the distance between his old roots in Kentucky and his new home in hipster-heaven Portland.

Joining Gaffney’s reading are friends Ron Whitehead, Tyrone Cotton, Michael Guimond and Jonathan Treadway. I assume there will be a healthy river of bourbon flowing. —Sara Havens

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