Unknown Hinson @ Jim Porter’s

Thursday, April 29

Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium
2345 Lexington Road • 452-9531
$15; 8 p.m.

He’s back. Once again, on the eve of Derby weekend, the King of the Country-Western Troubadours takes over Jim Porter’s and turns it into his own personal honky-tonk hell on earth. Did you know this guy used to be a circus freak/carnival barker? He also wrote most of his chart-topping hits in prison, won’t drink anything but party liquor and makes lightning come out of a guitar when he sets his mind to picking one. Seriously, even Chuck Norris is scared of this guy. But when Unknown (who also provides the voice for Early Cuyler on the animated show “Squidbillies”) serenades women with the sweet strains of “Stalking the Wild She-Beast” and “Undead Blues,” they’ll know they’ve been got. And your lady might just be one of them. Dallas Alice opens (assuming the King gives them permission to do so). —Kevin Gibson

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