“Conspiring with Nature” at the 930

“Conspiring With Nature” at the 930, 930 Mary St., 635-2554, is a multimedia art exhibit featuring local and regional artists whose work gets them interacting with the natural world in interesting ways. It’s on view from April 30-May 30, with the opening reception on Friday, April 30 from 7-10 p.m. (with a free concert by Interstates and Fork in Socket beginning at 8:00 p.m.).

Todd Smith ends up in treetops to make his art. By photographing long exposures of himself climbing trees while wearing a suit of lights, he makes a visual record of his tree climbs. Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk and Cortney Moses work with sticks, eggs, rocks, plants, and animal guts to make their sculptural art.

Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running is the two-person artist team made up of Lisa Siders and Denise Burge.They say their work seeks to “reflect and personify the constant state of ecstasy (metamorphosis, decay, birth) that is the natural world.”  In Laura Hartford’s photo-based artwork, she often combines flora and fauna with contemporary portraiture. Over the last eight years she has photographed her son, Jake, in elaborately constructed scenes made up mostly of natural materials. Her artworks are meditations on home and family as much as they are meditations on the fecundity and cycles of nature.

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