‘Darkness Doubled’ by Andréa Stanislav @ Art Ecology

Through August

Art Ecology
224 S. Clay St. • 690-2311

Andréa Stanislav is showing us we have had it both ways far too long. Her 17 new works in “Darkness Doubled” continue her exploration of utopia, as well as its dark twin, dystopia. “There’s an irony in man’s attempts to achieve the ideal being mapped out through trails of carnage and destruction,” says Stanislav. “My work is a synthesis of images and events, mined from pop culture and visual art movements from the second half of the 20th century, that explores the failure of utopian impulses.”

Her polymer, glitter and vinyl works reflect the viewer, a feature Stanislav loves. This interaction places you squarely in the moment, hopefully revealing multiple meanings. 21 C recently purchased her 60-piece “The Last of the Real Fucking Men.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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