‘com-pla-cent’ @ Green Building Gallery

Through July 30
The Green Building Gallery
732 E. Market St. • 561-1162

Complacent: pleased with one’s situation and advantages without awareness of some potential danger or defect. That word sparked some heavy conversation between friends McKinley Moore and Matthew Eskuche. It seems both feel too many Americans are apathetic toward the rise and fall of the globe’s other inhabitants. Using the soothing salve that is purchase power, we make our personal world feel a little better. To use their jargon, that’s consumerist complacency. It may be what Western culture is best at.

Using glass and mixed media, they have created art as commentary. Nothing says “Another glass of wine, honey?” like Moore’s grenade shaped goblet. The exhibit also features a piece by Alexander Rosenberg. —Jo Anne Triplett

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