‘Pelle Immagini’ @ Spot5 Gallery

Through July 23

Spot5 Gallery
2044 Frankfort Ave. • 594-1483

The Spot5 Gallery is an enthusiastic space that strives to bring unexpected shows to Louisville and give local artists the opportunity to show their work. After three years with the gallery, Brian Stastny has his latest collection, “Pelle Immagini” (Italian for “skin images”) on display. Bringing his fascination of the art form to light, the collection focuses on the beauty of tattoos and those who indulge in them. Stastny will display works that include those inked by local tattoo artists including Terry Tapp, John Furse, Anna Story, Eric Jefferson and more. Visit the Spot5 Gallery to indulge in the beauty on display in this collection. —Whitney Spencer

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