‘Red Rock and Rust’ @ City Café

Through July 23
City Café
505 W. Broadway • 548-3023

Nick Roberts has earned his title as a photographer through 40 years of hard riding and straight shooting. Accompanied by Harley Davidson and his camera, Roberts has spent the past decade focusing on what the West has to offer, from its landscapes to its speed racing. One of the methods featured in the upcoming show experiments with high dynamic range imaging, a technique that, when morphed with digital photography, makes the subject appear to be lit from behind. As with most of Roberts’ work, vibrancy of color is strong. “I consider my photography ‘painting with light,’ because I emphasize the colors as they appear to me when I’m taking the photo,” says Roberts, who began his career at the University of Louisville’s School of Art. “I see the color intensely and work to enhance it when I process the image.”

Sculptures of rusted metals created by Tom Evermore also are showcased. —Jess Mahanes

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