‘Women Walking’ by Monica Mahoney @ Proof on Main

Through April 2011
Proof on Main
21c Museum Hotel
702 W. Main St. • 217-6360

Women gotta walk, and Monica Mahoney has the images to prove it. Inspired by films showing life’s dramatic moments, Mahoney used walking as a metaphor for endings and beginnings. The six 9-by-5-foot oil paintings encircle the space at Proof on Main. “AHORA” features a woman quickly heading away from an automobile. It resembles a movie still that’s been blasted by white light. The woman is set to vanish into the white; what happens next is anybody’s guess.

“Although the specific circumstances can be quite diverse,” says Mahoney, “there is a universal quality to these transformative moments. The final thread can be something profound or seemingly insignificant. Regardless of what the women are walking away from, they are all walking toward the same thing — themselves.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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