Land of Tomorrow gallery/studio to open in Louisville

Another new gallery is about to open in town. Land of Tomorrow (LOT), 233 W. Broadway, is having a soft opening on Aug. 1 at 7:30 p.m. It will include three bands, Bear in Heaven, Shedding, and Slow Animal and an opportunity to view the space before our first installation. This is the second LOT; the first is in Lexington. 

Local artists Willard Tucker and Paul Simmons have created several banners for LOT that will be in place for this celebration.  The banners, entitled “Dark and Bloody Ground,” are a sneak-peak of the duo’s collaborative efforts that will be showcased in an upcoming show at the space.

The gallery has a unique floor plan.  LOT Louisville will consist of a street level artist’s space and fabrication workshop as well as a first floor exhibition space.  In the gallery space, there will be architecture and art exhibitions, design events, academic lectures, film and more, while the visible street level will allow the community a glimpse into the making of the art and design objects. 

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