‘Scott Shuffitt: Resistance’ @ Gallery M

Through Aug. 28

Gallery M
Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center
1860 Mellwood Ave. • 895-3650

The title of Scott Shuffitt’s exhibition, “Resistance,” is a directive. To get out of the muck we’re in, he says we need to “just say no” to corporate control, weapons, even fast food. “No one needs an Uzi just as no one needs a Hummer,” Shuffitt says. “It is the idea that we collectively abandon the blue-collar workers whose backs America is built with (or upon). They will be the last generation to do so, because corporations continue to monopolize markets and courts, and we continue to allow it to happen. You have to think about the whole; you can’t think about the individual.”

The opening reception is during the July 30 FAT Friday Trolley Hop with music by DJ Matt Anthony and readings by Ron Whitehead. —Jo Anne Triplett

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