Photography Show @ Liberty Tattoo

"No Way Out" by Mitch Lin

Through Oct. 16

Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor
2801 S. Third St. • 637-4777

I get a lot of e-mails announcing many shows throughout Louisville on a daily basis. I do my best to bring attention to as many of them as we have room for. So when the press release came across my desk announcing the Photography Show at Liberty Tattoo, I filed it away as a “maybe.” And then I took a closer look at the photo attachments — Mitch Lin’s “No Way Out” featuring a sinister clown with a gun to his head (which is now my desktop image) and Scott Shuffit’s “Quinn’s Truck.” The artwork captured my attention as I examined the brilliant attention to detail in each photo. This show is not one to be missed. It features work by eight local artists, including the aforementioned two as well as C.J. Pressma, Paige Nessel and Yair Riback. —Sara Havens

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