Breathe Owl Breathe @ Vernon Club

Friday, Oct. 1

Vernon Club
1575 Story Ave. • 584-8460
$TBA; 8 p.m.

Folk-rock trio Breathe Owl Breathe’s Magic Central took shape in a log cabin in rural Michigan built by singer Micah Middaugh’s grandparents in the last century. In between badminton matches, art projects, watching “Last of the Mohicans” projected onto a field of snow and cross-country skiing, Middaugh, Andrea Moreno-Beals and Trevor Hobbs brought their classically leaning pop repertoire to life. Funky cello, light percussion and familiar harmonies are peppered throughout. The album’s easy, solitary vibe comes ’round full steam on “Lake Light.” “Swimming” shimmers with pointed keyboard work and a dance beat on Quaaludes. Opening is Wilkes-Barre, Penn., group Strand of Oaks, whose frontman, Timothy Showalter, turned dictations into a microcassette recorder last year into a sleeper hit of an album called Leave Ruin. —Mat Herron

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