Loni Love @ The Improv

Oct. 28-31

The Improv
Fourth Street Live
$15; times vary

I can hear the bizarre-o version of the Journey classic now: She’s just a city girl, born and raised in south Detroit/She took a midnight train goin’ anywhere. Loni Love has a lot of heart and a lot of fight in her, and those two qualities (not midnight trains) have taken her everywhere. The Detroit native started out as an electrical engineer, doing comedy on the side for extra cash. Then, with two careers, one was blossoming while the other fell stagnant. And when her company had to make cutbacks, Love saved someone else’s job by leaving to pursue stand-up full-time. Now she is on every watch list in the industry, had an hour-long Comedy Central special called “America’s Sister” that aired in May, and is a regular panelist on “Chelsea Lately.” Love will be at The Improv this weekend. To see our full interview with Love, go to www.leoweekly.com. —Brent Owen

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