‘The Last Words of Louis XVI’ @ Muhammad Ali Center

Oct. 29-Jan. 16

Muhammad Ali Center
144 N. Sixth St. • 992-5315

Since Louisville is named after Louis XVI, we really should know something about the man. The Muhammad Ali Center’s artist-in-residence Carlos Gamez de Francisco has done some of the research for us by presenting insights about the French king. The Cuban artist was so intrigued that his exhibition includes 30 paintings. “I have never painted so long just in one idea,” he says. “I think I took the challenge to paint faster and better every day for this project. I have been trying to influence my art with this revolutionary and important moment throughout history, working with my best technique, and experimenting, using new symbols, using beauty and irony.”

The exhibition opens Friday, Oct. 29, at 6 p.m. —Jo Anne Triplett

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