Comicnomicon @ The Rudyard Kipling

By Jenevieve Broomall

Friday, Oct. 29

The Rudyard Kipling
422 W. Oak St. • 636-1311
$7; 10 p.m.

If you’re over age 18, wearing a ski mask for Halloween probably breaks a few KRS statutes, so Ted Nathanson and the rest of the crew behind the Louisville Cartoonist Society are throwing a party to A) prevent you from being arrested, and B) unveil Comicnomicon. The 90-plus-page book compiles horror comics from more than 20 cartoonists, including Carrie Neumayer, Jason Noble, Ryan Burns and Rene Blansette. Friday’s party features performances from the experimental group Montag, who appeared at Wild and Woolly’s 13th anniversary back in June, and the smooth tension of mood trio Softcheque. Witness improv from The Ballroom Brawlers and a costume contest. Costume-inclined can knock 2 bucks off the cover charge. —Mat Herron

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