kick-off for ArtsBookUSA Louisville Artist Directory

The kick-off launch of the comprehensive ArtsBookUSA Louisville Artist Directory will be held Thursday, Nov. 4 at the University of Louisville Alumni Club, Belknap Campus at the Cardinal Blvd. Call 585-9525 for details.

Participation in the interactive directory is a free marketing and promotion service to our area’s local artists. The Arts Council of Louisville’s goal is to showcase all of Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana’s 2000+ local artists. By including them in this directory, which will take on-line visitors to webpages created and maintained by each participating artist they will have easy access. The directory will include individual artists, but educational institutions, art centric businesses and many “places to go.”

Presenters will be Dean J. Blaine Hudson, Ph.D., University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences, Peter Morrin of the University’s School of Fine Arts, Bob Gordon, Elmer Lucille Allen and Dr. Robert Douglas.

The event is free and open to the public.

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