‘Oil and Water Don’t Mix’ by Daniel Pfalzgraf @ Swanson Reed Contemporary

Through Dec. 11

Swanson Reed Contemporary
638 E. Market St. • 589-5466

Dan Pfalzgraf is right — oil and water don’t mix. Since it’s doubtful he’s giving us a cooking tip, we have to dig deeper to understand the meaning behind the title. “(The exhibition) is centered on the emphasis placed on our society’s dependence on oil,” he says. “We are all affected by the politics surrounding oil, even though we each only have a very modest voice in its policies. For combining the ideas of ‘water creates life’ and ‘oil creates civilizations’ themes, I decided to paint images of figures, painted with the motor oil, swimming through water.”

Pfalzgraf’s technique is as intriguing as his media: blind contour drawings (drawing the figures without looking at them). Since it’s not often seen in finished art, it gives an intimacy and urgency to his work. —Jo Anne Triplett

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