Football-free Thanksgiving

Thursday, Nov. 25

RTV • Channel 21.4

Watching football has become THE great Thanksgiving tradition. But what if you don’t like football and can’t afford cable? Check out RTV, a retro goldmine of classic ’60s and ’70s TV. Think of it as leftover television to go with your leftover turkey. And I’ve already got my football-free Thanksgiving planned out: After the pumpkin pie, I’ll take to the skies with “Airwolf” at 1. Then, who loves you baby? Kojak does at 2! Then I’ll fight the Cold War with Bill Cosby in “I Spy” at 3. The tryptophan will start to knock me out halfway through “Rockford Files” at 4, but I’ll be sure to wake up in time for “Magnum P.I.” at 9 and round out the day with a little “Emergency!” action at 10.

A word of warning: RTV is free, but the coverage is spotty and you’ll need a strong digital antennae. But no retro tin foil or rabbit ears should be needed. —Ben Schneider

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