Call for art


Friday, Dec. 3 2010 / 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. / Open to the public / Free

The 930, 930 Mary St., 494-7042, is pleased to present an evening of creative sharing. In hopes to further our mission to encourage meaningful and beautiful art, music, and community we’re launching our first “Open Mic, Open Walls” event. We hope to create an atmosphere of encouragement to bring new art and music to the public surface.

This is an event for newbies, amateurs, and bigshots alike.


1. Visual Artists are invited to bring their art to the gallery Dec. 1 or 2nd between 9 and 5p.m.

2. All art must be ready to hang, including hanging hardware, or it won’t be included.

3. All art must be labeled on the back with title, artist’s name, and price if for sale.

4. It must be delivered during the designated times.  It must stay up until the end of the event. All art must be taken off the wall by the artist at the end of the event.

5. Art can be for sale.

6. You may bring up to 5 individual pieces.

7. All mediums will be accepted.  However artwork requiring extensive installation or extra pieces like projectors or pedestals may not be included.


1. Musicians and Writers don’t need to register in advance but should show up between 6:30-7:00 on the night of the event to guarantee a spot.

2. Musicians will be given 10-20 minute time slots.  Writers will be given 5-10 minute time slots.

3. Musicians are to perform solo.

4. We will have a merch table for CD’s or published materials.  Artists will retain 100% of their sales.

We should also say, since this is pretty much an uncensored free-for-all, that this event is intended to be “family friendly” and some content may not be appropriate.  We want you to be aware too that The 930 is a project of Sojourn Community Church.  It is not expected that participants share the views and beliefs of Sojourn Community Church, and the sharing of diverse viewpoints is welcomed.  Again, we invite all people to participate in this event (regardless of religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, race, age, etc.)  We just ask that the content of your work be considerate of the diverse audience and the venue’s connection to a Christian Church.

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