New Year’s Day

Saturday, Jan. 1

All Day

Chances are today is going to unfold one of two ways: 1) Eager to embrace your New Year’s resolutions, you awake early, go for a brisk jog, meditate, then refuel with a sensible breakfast, or 2) You awake with a pounding head, stumble to the bathroom in search of aspirin, struggle to piece together what transpired after you finished off that bottle of Andre, then laugh about it over a greasy breakfast with friends.

Assuming the former scenario is more your style, you have everything under control and don’t need our advice. If you fall into the latter category, however, here are some suggestions to help lift you out of that champagne-induced fog: Barbara Lee’s Kitchen, a brief stroll through Cherokee Park, then back home to hold down your couch for the rest of the day. —Sarah Kelley

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