Author Karen Abbott @ Louisville Free Public Library

Monday, Jan. 24

Louisville Free Public Library
301 York St. • 574-1644
Free; 7 p.m.

She began the modern age of stripping and has been gone 40 years, but Gypsy Rose Lee even now seems to be revealing new sides to herself — and at a pace that would suit her spirit. A new Lee biography has come out — thorough and provocative in its own right — and author Karen Abbott is coming to the Main Library on Monday evening. “American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare: the Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee” shows classic American characters adapting to the Roaring ‘20s and the Great Depression that followed. The young Rose Hovick made it through the death of vaudeville and the pressures of a torturous stage mother by becoming a striptease sensation. Her new stage name and flirtatious reputation caught fire around the world, and Lee rode through the Golden Age of Burlesque and onto decades of unexpected career sidelights through bold creativity and an iron will. The reading/signing is a free event, but tickets are required. —T.E. Lyons

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