‘Brontë’ @ Rudyard Kipling

Jan. 28-Feb.5

The Rudyard Kipling
422 W. Oak St. • 636-1311
$15; 7:30 p.m.

Oh, those Brontë sisters. They never got to go anywhere, get much of a real education or get laid, but they managed to concoct some of the fieriest literature of all time. Did Charlotte, Emily and Anne just sit around in their gloomy old Yorkshire house and come up with brilliant and slightly creepy ideas? I guess if you’re living in a time when women aren’t even allowed to go to the library, what else are you going to do? Kicking off Finnigan Productions’ seventh season, “Brontë” portrays the lives of these talented spinster sisters and the rest of their woeful family, merging fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. Written by UK playwright Polly Teale, who also has adapted “Jane Eyre” for the stage, the play is under the direction of Louisville native and Finnigan company member Natalie Fields. —Jane Mattingly

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