Loretta Lynn @ Palace Theatre

Friday, Jan. 28

Palace Theatre
625 S. Fourth St. • 583-4555
$38-$58; 8 p.m.

Quite a while back, my parents went to see John Denver in concert. Shortly thereafter, he died. My parents also saw Tammy Wynette. Shortly thereafter, she died. Now they’re threatening to get tickets for Lynn’s concert. I love you, but no, Mom, the Coalminer’s Daughter is not yours to take. She’s ours. I know she’s been in the music business 50 years, but once you do an album with Jack White, you no longer belong in a museum. She’s won Grammys in this century. She was the 2004 AMA Artist of the Year. You can go, Mom and Dad, but you’ll have to listen from the alley behind Fourth Street. The rest of us will be inside, listening to the First Lady of Country Music show us how it’s done. —Michael Sohan

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