Kentucky Author Forum @ Kentucky Center

Jonah Lehrer

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Kentucky Center
501 W. Main St. • 589-2884
$17 (with dinner, $100); 5 p.m.

So you saw “Inception,” but now you’re wondering if the memory you have of watching “Inception” is really real, or did you actually watch “Total Recall” instead, inexplicably confusing DiCaprio with Schwarzenegger once again? Although years of therapy might get you an answer to that question, a live interview and Q&A with neuroscientists Eric Kandel and Jonah Lerner could provide a cheap start on your road to Wellville. (Make sure to ask them truly important questions, like: “If memory is little more than recorded electrical stimuli by the brain, how do we know we aren’t mere batteries for a race of sentient machines?”) The interview with these two geniuses begins at 6 p.m., Q&A is at 7, and a ticketed dinner begins at 8. (Above all, don’t forget your wallet.) —Jonathan Meador

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  1. SSG. Joe Meek
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 2:05 am | Permalink

    Wow, I’ll bet this was fun, I enjoy talking to genii.

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