‘Hedda Gabler’ @ Bellarmine University

Feb. 25-27

Wyatt Center for the Arts
Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Road
$5-$10; 8 p.m.

What happens when a woman’s boredom and jealously get the best of her while she has access to guns? She’s also pregnant, so her hormones are raging, and she’s pissed at her new husband for spending half their honeymoon doing academic research. Oh, and her former lover who used to be a drunk has found a new woman and turned his life around. Since Maury Povich wasn’t around in the 19th century, our heroine, Hedda Gabler, had to take matters into her own hands. Bellarmine Theatre has the scoop. “Hedda Gabler is a complex drama — one scholars have debated since its first production,” says Carlos Chavarria, director of Bellarmine’s theater program. “Depending on your own interpretation, the main character, Hedda, can be a villain, a heroine, a victim or a feminist.” —Jane Mattingly

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