‘Solo Command Performances’ @ Thrust Theatre

Wednesday, April 27

Thrust Theatre
2314 S. Floyd St. • 852-6814
Free; 7 p.m.

Nine U of L graduate students are out to make you laugh, cry and experience every emotion in between at tonight’s “Solo Command Performances.” The plays, penned by the theater students, cover a wide range of genres, including comedy, tragedy and folk tales. With names like “Mormon in 15 Minutes or Less,” “Cleaning up the B(lack) S(tereotypes)” and “Three Girls and a Guy,” the evening should be interesting, to say the least. “The students come from nine different states, and their creative work is just as varied,” says theater professor James Tompkins. “They have sharpened their skills with major roles in our theater productions over the last three years, and these plays give them a chance to showcase their creative talents in writing as well as acting.” Some of the plays may contain offensive material, so check your closed-mindedness at the door. —Sara Havens

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