‘Water, Wind and the Sun’ @ Swanson Reed Contemporary

Through May 7

Swanson Reed Contemporary
638 E. Market St. • 589-5466

I walked into the gallery and was both calmed and intrigued by Rick Bennett’s ocean and island paintings. Water lapping against the shore, even in a two-dimensional world, can have that effect. After jolting myself out of a stupor, I then realized how drawn I was to the abstraction of water. Welcome to paradise. “I’ve been working on the ‘Islands’ series for about 10 years following some trips to the Caribbean and Hawaii, where I was struck by the iridescent water,” says Bennett. “To me, each painting is like a big musical cadence … I look for a balance between simplicity and complexity, motion and stillness, and abstraction and illusion. Working on this series has led to all kinds of experiments and continues to be a very pleasant obsession.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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