The Fervor @ Zanzabar

Friday, April 29

2100 Preston St. • 635-ZBAR
$6; 10 p.m.

The Fervor are a tight machine fueled by the dueling spirits of rock and pop, past and future. They are inspired and indebted to the finest pop rockin’ outfits of the ’60s and ’70s, ’90s and today (fully cognizant of the fact that little of value happened in the ’80s), but are not held back by yesterdaze. Singer/keyboardist Natalie Felker’s vocals can be sweet or tough, sometimes both at once. Her guitarist husband, Ben Felker, is a riff machine hurling rock at you, but it rarely leaves a black eye — he’s gentle and loving with his awesome power. Louisville-based international rock star Jim James of My Morning Jacket wrote this about their new album, Arise, Great Warrior: “When I first heard the liquid strands of The Fervor’s arise great warrior flow thru my ears … it all feels so natural and peaceful … a necessary part of life, new born and floating freely in the cosmos forever now.” —Peter Berkowitz

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