Vote for the New Albany Public Art Project

The Carnegie Center for Art and History and the New Albany Urban Enterprise Association have announced a new community fundraising campaign to support the 2011 New Albany Public Art Project: Bicentennial Series. This campaign is being presented through IndieGoGo, an online, collaborative fundraising platform. The goal of the Project’s IndieGoGo campaign is to raise $4,000, the amount that it will cost for one of the 2011 artworks to be installed in New Albany for 2 years.

Donate as little as $1 to the New Albany Public Art Project, and your vote can help determine which 2011 installation is funded by the community.

Visit the IndieGoGo website for the Public Art Project to view a video explaining the Project and the 2011 artworks. Once you contribute to the campaign, you will have the chance to vote on which of the artworks will be the “community funded artwork;” the greater the donation amount, the greater the number of votes you receive.

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