Marvin Dixon @ The Improv

May 26-29

The Improv
Fourth Street Live
$15; various times

I have officially dubbed Marvin Dixon “The Miami Fun Machine.” I can do that, ya’ know? I have the power to assign nicknames to people on a whim. Launching his career as a radio host on one of Miami’s biggest stations has allowed Dixon to capture an eager, untapped audience. His big break in comedy came when he appeared on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” in the late ‘90s; his career has continued to grow, leading to roles in movies like “Trois 2” and “Bloodlines” as well as a recent gig hosting his own series of stand-up DVDs called “The Young Gunz of Comedy.” Marvin “The Miami Fun Machine” Dixon will be at The Improv this weekend, with opening act Rayzor. —Brent Owen

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