Bonsai Symposium @ Fern Valley Hotel & Convention Center

June 16-19

Fern Valley Hotel & Convention Center
2715 Fern Valley Road •
$10; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Thu.-Sat.), 9 a.m.-noon (Sun.)

Before miniature versions of normal-sized items became an accepted part of American consumer culture, there was the bonsai. Literally meaning “plantings in a tray” in Japanese, the ancient art of pruning the tiny tree predated our national commercial obsessions and continues to fascinate and engage admirers and practitioners with its emphasis on harmony, choice and the submersion of the artist’s presence. Thus, it is with no small acclaim that the Greater Louisville Bonsai Society is hosting the city’s first international bonsai symposium. More than 30 vendors from across the globe will offer workshops, demonstrations, tool kits and, of course, bonsai trees. There will also be a juried contest where the artists submitting the three finest dwarf trees will receive first, second and third place prizes of $500, $300 and $100, respectively. —Jonathan Meador

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