Sustainable City Series @ Glassworks

Thursday, June 23

815 W. Market St.
Free; 5:30 p.m.

Cities: How do they work? Unlike, say, magnets, the urban form and the questions it poses to architects, city planners and movers-and-shakers aren’t miraculous or mysterious. In fact, they’re the bread and butter for the Urban Design, whose latest Sustainable Cities forum, “Ideas About Cities and How to Shape Them,” will provide ample discussion on how the layout and character of a city influences the life lived within it. In a first for the series, the forum will include a panel discussion, featuring (among others) 21 Century Parks’ Dan Jones. The forum is free, but you’d better RSVP on the studio’s website just to be secure a spot, which might be tight considering that Heine Brothers Coffee and Ramsi’s Café will be catering the event. —Jonathan Meador

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