‘Wingman’ @ Village 8 Theaters

Friday, June 24

Village 8 Theaters
4014 Dutchmans Lane
$10; 8 p.m.

The new kryptonite may be underperforming 401Ks and plunging consumer confidence, as we learn from the goofy new superhero comedy “Wingman.” Shot entirely in Louisville by Louisvillians, the low-budget indie premieres Friday with a one-night showing at Village 8 Theatres. “Wingman” stars Kent Carney, named Best Comedian in the 2010 LEO Weekly Readers’ Choice issue. Fredicus, the production company behind “Wingman,” came together in 2009 during Louisville’s 48-Hour Film Project. Producer/director John Vanderford and writers John Cosper and Dennis Grinar Jr. are the creators of “Wingman,” a documentary-style story that follows an unemployed superhero’s sidekick during the recent economic downturn. After he is let go by Captain Python (Tim Gooch), Wingman endures a series of odd jobs until being forced to join up with the bad guy: Python’s arch nemesis, Mr. Big (Tad Chitwood). —J. Christian Walsh

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