‘Triptych’ @ Galerie Hertz

Through July 3

Galerie Hertz
1253 S. Preston St. • 551-1017

“Triptych” is a work with three parts, which is an excellent description of the exhibition “Triptych,” featuring new works by mixed-media artists Gayle Cerlan, Jacque Parlsey and Caroline Waite. All revel in the found object, but their stories, created in sculptures, collages and ceramics, have various goals. Cerlan’s expressive bird series is a metaphor. Naming a piece “Bibelot for Redemption” quickly illustrates we are not in “Cardinal in a Tree” territory. Parsley’s fanciful “Heart & Soul” collages of medical illustrations resemble Valentine’s Day cards made especially for Halloween lovers. She also hasn’t found a doll (to be more precise, doll body part) she didn’t like. Her companion on that ride is Waite, presenting Cupie/Kewpie dolls as “The Individuals.” She has also done a series of handmade books in shadow boxes. —Jo Anne Triplett

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