Dave Waite @ Comedy Caravan

July 27-31

Comedy Caravan
1250 Bardstown Road
$10-$15; various times

Dave Waite — a Cincinnati native — is a familiar face on the local comedy circuit, having worked Louisville stages for years. Now living in New York, Waite has been building a reputation there as an up-and-coming comic. After releasing a new album, Kaboom, earlier this month, Waite will be returning to Louisville to headline the Comedy Caravan this weekend. He’s dry, cynical and just a hair on the raunchy side. He is charming and seemingly benign onstage, but there is an awkwardly confident swagger just below the surface, often leaving him hilariously stomping, pounding or parading around the stage during his set. Take note, Louisville: This is definitely one of those rare opportunities that will allow you to say, one day, “I saw him when … ” —Brent Owen

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