Lower Dens @ Zanzabar

Wednesday, July 27

2100 S. Preston St. • 635-9227
$6; 10 p.m.

Baltimore’s Lower Dens formed when singer-songwriter Jana Hunter needed members to fill up her live band. One rhythm section later, a new band was born, one more expansive and versatile than any solo act could hope to be. The band’s first album, Twin-Hand Movement, was released last year by Gnomonsong to much acclaim. Hunter is described by her label as being known for “intimate, ghost-heavy weird-fi,” which is about as good as a description as I can come up with. They cite late-’70s post-punk acts like Wire and Joy Division as influences, though it’s worth noting that they are mostly associated with the freak folkers. There’s no country here, though. This is urban-dread love music, full of tension and, occasionally, release, so take some downers and mellow out, brothers and sisters. —Peter Berkowitz

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